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New Product Development and Launch [ELMAM410]

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  • 30h
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Langue d'enseignement: Anglais / English
Enseignant: Hammedi Wafa

Acquis d'apprentissage

The new product development (NPD) course has various objectives: - Make students be acquaint with the vocabulary, the concepts and theories related to the new product development (NPD) management; - Familiarize students with the models and analytical procedures that are relevant to NPD issues; - Ultimately develop students' judgment and enable them to manage successfully the whole NPD process.


New products are crucial to successful growth and increased profits in many industries. This course considers the development of new products not only from a managerial standpoint but also from methodological and technical perspectives. It covers the NPD process from market opportunity identification and idea generation to test market and launch strategies. Qualitative (e.g., focus group) as well as quantitative (e.g., conjoint analysis) research methods that drives the design process are discussed and illustrated.

Table des matières

- Course objectives, outline and pedagogical issues; - Chapter 1: Introduction to new product development; - Chapter 2: New-Product Strategies; - Chapter 3: Proactive New-Product Development Process : Overview; - Chapter 4: Opportunity Identification : Market Definition; - Chapter 5: Opportunity Identification : Idea Generation; - Chapter 6: Overview of the Design Process & Introduction to Customer Measurement; - Chapter 7: The Design Process : Customers Needs & Needs Hierarchy-based Approaches; - Chapter 8: The Design Process : Customers Needs & Perceptual Mapping Approaches; - Chapter 9: The Design Process : Customers Needs & Conjoint Measurement Approaches ; - Chapter 10: The Design Process : The design output; - Chapter 11: Product and Advertising Testing; - Chapter 12: Pre-Test Market Procedures; - Chapter 13: Test Market Procedures; - Chapter 14: Launch and Control Strategies; - Project Presentation.

Description des exercices

Each 4- to 5-student group is asked to produce an idea for a product or service worthy of a new business venture. The idea may consist of either a new physical product or a service. The steps in the process ought to include (where practical): - The new product genesis - Technical description - Market analyses - STP marketing process - Tactical marketing - Profitability analyses - Summary of issues addressed in the project and learning experience This project (report) is due at the end of the week preceding the last session. A formal oral presentation of the project is planned for the final class.

Méthodes d'enseignement

This course is taught in english. Different teaching approaches are used: Classes (learning); Research article discussions (discerning) ; Project (creating, group thinking & team building); Interactions between the students and the teacher will be emphasized; Class participation is advised ...

Mode d'évaluation

Grades will be computed as follows - Participation in class discussion: 10% (individual note) - Article presentation: 30% ( group and individual cotes) - Project oral presentation:20 % (group note) - Project final report: 40% (group note)

Sources, références et supports éventuels

Recent articles are selected. Crawford, Merle and Di Benedetto, Anthony ( 2009), New products Management,McGraw-Hill. Ulrich, Karl T. and Steven D. Eppinger (2000), Product Design and Development, McGraw-Hill. Urban, Glen L and John R. Hauser (1993), Design and Marketing of New Products, 2nd ed., Prentice-Hall.

Langue d'enseignement

Anglais / English

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Faculté des sciences économiques, sociales et de gestion
Rue de Bruxelles, 61
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