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Entités de recherche
Namur Digital Institute (NADI)
Research Center on Information Systems Engineering (PReCISE) - Ph.D. Student
Research group on the foundations of computer sciences (FOCUS) - Ph.D.Student


Xavier Devroey obtained his Master Degree in Computer Science from the University of Namur, Belgium, in June 2010 on the topic of "Building a bridge between Goal-Oriented Requirements with KAOS and event-B System Specifications". He worked as application developer in a large card payment company for one year before beginning his Ph.D. in 2011 on Software Product Line Behavioural Model-Based Testing. The overall goal of the thesis is to form an end-to-end model-driven approach, relying on existing formal models (FTSs), where test cases selection and prioritization are automated and made practical to the engineers by means of transformation from high-level modeling languages such as UML.

Domaines d'expertises

Software Product Line Testing; Model-Based Testing; Software Product Line Engineering; Software Testing; Model-Driven Engineering


Master in Computer Science, Grande distinction, 2010, FUNDP

Bachelor Analyst/Programmer, Grande distinction, 2007, HEB-ESI