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The ongoing thesis aims to better understand how complexity of ecosystems allows them to cope with disturbances. To do so, we try to link the wide range of complexity metrics (number of species, linkage density, modularity, etc.) together, and with various stability metrics (robustness, resilience, variability, etc.). Some of these metrics are redundant while others are completely independent and linked to specific ecosystem properties. The general idea is that confusion arise from this diversity, and that understanding how these metrics are linked theoretically and in practice is needed to elucidate, and potentially reconcile, the plethora of complexity-stability found in the literature. Our current work is divided into three main work packages: (1) Inventory of the metrics used in the literature; (2) Assessment of the relationships between these metrics based on mathematical development and in-silico experiments; (3) Identification of potential metrics to prioritise.

(Thesis supervised by Frederik De Laender)



Supervision of practical work for :

  • Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences
  • Field course in ecology and integrative biology (SBIOB 309)
  • Biodiversity and invasive species (SBIO B346)
  • Master in Organism Biology and Ecology
  • Biological Data Analysis (SBOE M112)
  • Freshwater Biodiversity (SBOE M123)
  • Ecology of Natural and Disturbed Aquatic Environments (SBOE M142)
  • Ecotoxicology of populations, communities and ecosystems (SBOE M162,
  • Bioindicators of pollution (SBOEM 237)
  • Field course - Aquatic ecology (SBOE M108)

Responsibility for Introductory IT Course (SBIOB220, theory and practical courses).


ILEE Research Day 2020 - Best Talk

Prix Adrien Bauchau promotions 2016 and 2017 (Fonds Adrien Bauchau, 2018) Prize received for the final master thesis in Biological Sciences entitled "Relationship between construction ambitions and ecological benefits on 3 rehabilitated sites of the Eau Blanche". The jury's appreciation focused on the personal value and creative spirit of the junior researcher.


  • Master in Sciences, Techniques, Health - Mention Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution - Theoretical Ecology and Modeling (University Paris-Saclay, 2017). Master's degree co-organized by Université Paris-Sud, AgroParisTech, Université Paris-Saclay, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle and École Normale Supérieure de Paris, France.