Membre du personnel

Anthony CLEVE

Courriel :
Téléphone(s) : +32 (0)81 72 49 63
Faculté d'informatique - Professeur
Courriel :
Bureau : Bâtiment Informatique
Rue Grandgagnage, 21 - 5000, Namur
Porte INFO-425
Fax : +32 (0)81 72 49 67
Entités de recherche
Namur Digital Institute (NADI) - Professeur
Namur Institute of Language, Text and Transmediality (NaLTT) - Chercheur associé
Research Center on Information Systems Engineering (PReCISE) - Professeur
Laboratoire de langue des signes de Belgique francophone (LSFB-Lab) - Chercheur associé
Commission Erasmus interfacultaire (COERIN) - Membre
Conseil Auditoire (CONSAUD)
Conseil reprographie (CONSREP)
Conseil de faculté - Membre de droit


Anthony Cleve is a professor in information system evolution at University of Namur. He is a member of the PReCISE research center and of the Namur Digital Institute (NADI). Previously, Anthony was an ERCIM post-doctoral research fellow at INRIA Lille (2009-2010). He holds an MSc degree (2004) and a PhD degree (2009) in Computer Science from the University of Namur. Anthony also worked as visiting researcher at CWI, Amsterdam (2005-2006).

Anthony's research interests include information system maintenance and evolution, software and data reverse engineering, program analysis and transformation, self-adaptive and context-aware systems. His full CV is available here.

Anthony loves riddles, good night songs, silent words and smiles, and all the tiny beautiful details that one can only discover by coincidence.


  • Best Paper Award at the 20th IEEE Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (SCAM 2020), New Idea and Emerging Results (NIER) track 
  • Best Paper Award at the 2016 International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and Security (QRS 2016)
  • IBM Belgium / F.R.S.-FNRS 2010 Award, presented for the best PhD thesis in Computer Science and Applications
  • Nominated for the Cor Baayen Award 2012, awarded to a promising young researcher in computer science and applied mathematics
  • ERCIM "Alain Bensoussan'' Post-doctoral Fellowship (December 2009 - November 2010)

Domaines d'expertises

Database engineering, reengineering & reverse engineering - Information system analysis, evolution, migration & renovation - Cross-analysis and co-evolution of databases & programs - Program analysis, transformation & generation - Self-adaptive, context-aware systems, artificial intelligence for software engineering and data management


  • PhD in Computer Science 
  • Master in Computer Science 
  • Bachelor in Economics and Management