Cours 2022-2023

Evaluation of Public Interventions [EDEVM334]

  • 4 crédits
  • 30h
  • 2e quadrimestre
Langue d'enseignement: Anglais / English

Acquis d'apprentissage

By the end of the course students should be able to understand and implement basic methods used in impact evaluation, and think critically about the issues involved with evaluating public policies. Students should be able to select an appropriate method for evaluating a public policy, given the context of the policy and the data available.


How do we know whether an intervention is achieving its objectives or not? Evaluating the impact of  policies and programs is key to inform policy makers and promote sustainable development. This course will review the primary methods used to analyze the impact of public policy in an array of settings. It will focus on the role of causality and how the features of a policy, as well as the environment in which it is implemented, hinder (or help) the accuracy of an evaluation. Case studies from a variety of countries and contexts will be used to emphasize the methods presented.



The class involves in-class lectures, meetings with practitioners and practical exercises in the form of homework.

Méthodes d'enseignement

The class is based on formal lectures. PArt of the class is taught by a practitioner and experts are invited to share their experience. Students have to complete homeworks where they apply the techniques discussed in class.

Mode d'évaluation

The evaluation is based on homeworks and a final exam.

Langue d'enseignement

Anglais / English

Lieu de l'activité


Faculté organisatrice

Faculté des sciences économiques, sociales et de gestion
Rue de Bruxelles, 61
5000 NAMUR


Etudes de 2ème cycle