Cours 2021-2022

Advanced Macroeconomics II [ECON2122]

  • 5 crédits
  • 30h+6h
  • 2e quadrimestre
Langue d'enseignement: Anglais / English

Acquis d'apprentissage

The aim of the course is to develop the basic tools for analysing problems of resource allocation used by economists working in research, organisation and business. The course deals with basic positive and normative problems. It aims to include modern developments and to develop a capacity to apply economic concepts to real-world problems, even if most of those applications are intended to be part of the option courses.


Example of possible contents: Ch 3: Classical Demand Theory Ch 6: Choice under uncertainty Ch 8-9: Game Theory Ch 13-14: Information Economics Ch 15-17: General Equilibrium The principle is to reach quickly an advanced level, especially for the topics that are covered in undergraduate courses.

Méthodes d'enseignement

Exercises and home works are assigned to students and a feedback is provided during the course on their solution.

Mode d'évaluation

Written exam

Langue d'enseignement

Anglais / English

Lieu de l'activité


Faculté organisatrice

Faculté des sciences économiques, sociales et de gestion
Rue de Bruxelles, 61
5000 NAMUR


Etudes de 2ème cycle