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Entités de recherche
Institute of Life-Earth-Environment (ILEE) - Post doctorante

Domaines d'expertises

2012-2017: PhD position in UNamur - Area expertise fish immunology 

Flow cytometry, molecular immunology, western blotting, quantitative PCR, microscopy and imaging, bioinformatics (functional clustering - proteomics)

2017-2020: Interreg DIADEM project 

(More information --> web page : and online movie )

International mobility : 

- Exchange student program (Stockholm University, Sweden) 

- Marine biology training (Roscoff, France) 

- Training in Molecular Immunology and vaccination (Wageningen, The Netherlands)

- Sampling campaigns in Mekong Delta's aquaculture (Can Tho District, Vietnam) - 3 months

- Analysis of antioxidant biomarkers in INERIS (Verneuil, France)

- Oral talks during international conferences - fish immunology expertise 

Responsabilités externes

Post doctoral position 


2006 - 2012 : Biology - Environmental and Evolutive Biology (UNamur, Namur - Stockholm University, Sweden)

Certificate in Laboratory Animal Science (FELASA C)

2017: phD degree