Membre du personnel

Olivier FINET

Courriel :
Téléphone(s) : +32 (0)81 72 42 40


FRIA research fellow (FNRS)

PhD student in Dr. Damien Hermand lab

GéMo (Molecular Genetics), Namur Research College

URPhyM (Unit Research in Molecular Physiology)

Department of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine



"Long non-coding RNA and transcriptional regulation in Schizosaccharomyces pombe"

"RNA posttranscriptional modifications in the fission yeast"


- 2014 : "Ma thèse en 180 secondes" ("My thesis in 180 seconds")

  • Namur contest : winner
  • Belgian final : winner and audience award
  • International final : participation

- 2015 : Best poster award, PhD Student Day (UCL-UNamur)

- 2017 : Best talk award in Genomes and Epigenetics session, Interuniversity PhD Student Day

- 2017 : IMB Poster Prize, 1st Symposium on Nucleic Acid Modifications, IMB, JG Universität, Mainz, Germany


Bachelor's degree (Biology) (2009-2012) - magna cum laude, UNamur, Belgium

  • Bachelor thesis : "Study of the role of the transcription factor Meis in the transcriptional regulation of HIV-1" Supervisor : A. Tacheny (Pr. P. Renard lab, URBC, UNamur)

Master's degree (Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology) (2012-2014) - magna cum laude, UNamur, Belgium

  • Exchange program (Erasmus) : University of Gothenburg, Sweden (Aug 2012 - Jan 2013)
  • Internship : Pr. C. Jacobs-Wagner lab, Yale University, New Haven, USA (Feb - Jun 2014)
  • Master thesis : "Dissection of the PleC histidine kinase activity throughout the Caulobacter crescentus cell cycle" Supervisor : L. Schille (Pr. J.Y. Matroule lab, URBM, UNamur)
  • Internship : "How do bacteria regulate their size ? Effect of the temperature" Supervisor : SE Ebmeier (Pr. C. Jacobs-Wagner lab, Dpt of Mol, Cell and Develop Biol, Yale University)
  • Lab project : "Mutation in unc-26 in responsible for uncoordinated phenotype in C. elegans" (Genetics course, Pr. M. Pilon, University of Gothenburg)