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Having graduated as a Computer Science Engineer from the University of Louvain (UCL), Martin started his career as an IT consultant. During five years, he enjoyed many positions in the software development life cycle, in particular Requirements Engineering (RE). During that period he developed a training technique for teaching soft skills to RE teams that is based on improvisational theater. This has inspired him to return to the university to start a PhD on the topic of collaboration and creativity in RE, which is ongoing. His industry experience and the emphasis on collaboration and creativity provide a solid background for animating workshops. MArtin is currently working on "Methodologies for the evaluation of the environmental impact of ICT developments". In this role he published one of the first studies on sustainability and RE.

Domaines d'expertises

Requirements Engineering
Business Analysis
Soft Skills for ICT

Responsabilités externes

Représentant développement durable pour la faculté d'informatique


Ingénieur civil en informatique