Membre du personnel




During my PhD at the Laboratory of Biometry and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Lyon, under the supervision of Sylvain Charlat and Laurent Duret (2011-2015), I studied the impact of an endocellular bacteria, Wolbachia, on the evolution of its Arthropod hosts. More specifically, I looked for effects of these maternally transmitted symbionts on host mitochondrial genomes, to which they are linked within the cytoplasm, at a global scale, among hundreds of species from French Polynesia. Since september 2015, I work as a Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Namur, with Pr. Karine van Doninck, on the evolution of Bdelloid rotifers genomes and of their genomic peculiarities. I am generally interested in studying the evolution of genomes and on processes that shape this evolution at different scales. Notably, I worked on the developpement and analysis of RADseq markers, a technic which uses high throughput sequencing for reduced representation genomics and obtention of population genomics markers.