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Isabelle LINDEN

Courriel :
Téléphone(s) : +32 (0)81 72 49 87
Département des sciences de gestion - Professeur
Bureau : Bâtiment Sciences économiques, sociales et de gestion
Rempart de la Vierge, 8 - 5000, Namur
Porte 410
Fax : +32 (0)81 72 48 40
Entités de recherche
Namur Digital Institute (NADI)
Creativity and Innovation Research Center (CIRCE)
Research Group on the Foundations of Computer Sciences (FOCUS)
Conseil Auditoire (CONSAUD) - Vice-Doyenne de la Faculté des Sciencs Economiques, Socailes et de Gestion
Conseil de reprographie (CONSREP) - Vice-Doyenne de la Faculté des Sciences Economiques Sociales et de Gestion
Bureau de faculté
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Conseil de faculté - Vice-doyenne
Bureau : Bâtiment Sciences économiques, sociales et de gestion
Rempart de la Vierge, 8 - 5000, Namur
Porte 410


Isabelle Linden is a Professor in Information Management at the at the University of Namur (UNamur). Previously, Isabelle Linden studied Mathematics (University of Liege - ULg), Philosophy (ULg) and Computer Science (University of Namur). She got her Ph.D. in Computer Science with a thesis on temporal coordination languages. From 2001 to 2009, she was a member of the CoordiNam Team at the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Namur and was engaged in research into coordination languages as well as expert systems. Currently, her interrest is focussed on decision support systems, information management and business intelligence.

Having a keen interest in modes of knowledge representation and reasoning, as well as the techniques to understand, formalize and structure them, Isabelle Linden is developing a research program aiming to invent and develop new methods of analysis and decision support.
At the heart of decision making are knowledge, its articulation in reasoning and the issue of its acquisition, especially when it is only available in poorly structured forms. Isabelle Linden has explored these questions in different contexts: legal texts related to estate planning and calculation of inheritance (SEPlanS and Proceplans Research Projects and the Casubel software), as well as expert knowledge for exception handling in processes of the logistic chain (BEM Project). She also studies the modeling of data-centric coordination mechanisms (Bach language) and the transformation of data into knowledge within Business Intelligence (BI) platforms.

In recent months, adopting an analytical perspective supported by interactive visualisations in dashboard-like displays, she has been questioning how novel visualisations could support and generate text analysis in a way that does not reduce the sense but preserves polysemy, evocation and intertextuality.





Domaines d'expertises

  •     Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Modeling
  •     Semantic Systems & Ontologies
  •     Decision Support Systems, Business Information Systems
  •     Business Intelligence
  •     Coordination Languages and Models
  •     Formal Methods and Programming Methodologies
  •     Concurrent Programming and Distributed System



Responsabilités externes




Ph.D. in Computer Science (FUNDP 2007)
Master in Computer Science (FUNDP 2002)
Master in Philosophy (ULg 1999)
Master in Mathematics (ULg 1995)