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Ecole de langues vivantes (ELV)


Christophe Dony obtained a PhD in modern languages, literatures, and translation studies in 2017. His doctoral thesis argues that DC Comics/Vertigo’s cultural identity and politics are located in a multi-mayered vocabulary of rewriting. This rewriting ethos resonates in both the imprint's policies at the macro level of organization, and in countless Vertigo narratives at the micro level. Drawing on cultural sociology, postmodern theory, and comics criticism, his study adds evidence to Vertigo’s reputation as a norm-breaking comics producer beyond its so-called ‘literary’ qualities and ‘adult’ sensibilities. More generally, his research focuses on the connections between comics, cultural history, trauma studies and postcolonial criticism. He published articles in The International Journal of Comic Art, Studies in Comics, Comicalités: Études de Culture Graphique, Postcolonial Text, and South Asian Diaspora. Moreover, he co-edited two multi-contributor volumes: Portraying 9/11: Essays on Representations in Comics, Literature, Film and Theatre (McFarland, 2011) and Comics in Dissent : Alternative, Independence, Self-Publishing (PUlg, 2014).