Research unit

Service de pédagogie universitaire (SPU)

The various activities of the University Pedagogy Unit mainly focus on a central purpose: to improve the quality of training in higher education.

Dedicated to the students at the University of Namur, the unit provides individualized training and support, mainly focused on methodological skills (taking notes, summarizing, memorizing etc.). It also organizes a training program for dropping out students; called "Rebond".

Finally, so as to ensure the highest quality in its services and trainings, the unit runs researches in the following topics:

  • Pedagogy in higher education
  • Integration of education-oriented ICT in higher education (WebCampus, advice and support for ICT-related projects accompaniment, etc)
  • Success factors in higher education
  • Early dropping out
  • Prerequisites for university-level education
  • Domain-specific pedagogy in higher education
  • Pedagogical design of multimedia products
  • Individualized support of newly-arrived students
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Address : Place Saint-Aubain, 14, 5000 Namur
Phone : +32 (0)81 72 50 65
Fax : +32 (0)81 72 50 64