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NAmur MEdicine & Drug Innovation Center (NAMEDIC)

NAMEDIC : towards innovative news drugs…

The research of effective and innovative drugs remains a major challenge in health.

With this ambitious objective in mind, was established the Namur Medicine & Drug Innovation Center (NAMEDIC), a new research center of the University of Namur. Its activities are highly multidisciplinary, involving in particular the research of new hits, the design of computer-aided drug, organic synthesis of new molecules, the pharmaceutical analysis and the pharmacology. Today, NAMEDIC activities are focused on two main research areas, cancer and thrombosis.

To reach their goals, this interfaculty center was formed around different teams from on one hand the Faculty of Medicine and on the other hand, the Faculty of Sciences. The integration of expertise and resources of these teams make the NAMEDIC unique in the Brussels-Wallonia Federation (FWB) as a center of excellence in the development of new drugs.